Who Was Adria Richards?

Adria Richards was a well known developer (having 10,000+ followers on Twitter, and several thousand subscribers on YouTube) who was very active in “race and gender related rights”.

At PyCon in March of 2013, she overheard two men (sitting several rows behind her) make a joke about “big dongles”. Adria took offense, and published a picture of the two men (violating Twitters TOS in the process). The company employing the men was notified, resulting in one of the men losing his job.

Later, several people protested the firing, resulting in Adria Richards being terminated at her place of employment.


There are several issues surrounding the ordeal.

First, the joke was not even sex or race related in any way; “forking big dongles”, as it is, consists of “forking”, or copying a developer’s project to contribute to it, use it as a base for a project of your own, etc., and “dongles”, which is a piece of computer hardware. The joke was completely innocent.

Moreover, Adria blatantly identified the individuals by posting a picture of them, violating their right to privacy. She could have easily contacted the individual’s privately, but instead did something that she knew would likely have retaliatory blowback on the two individuals.

Lastly, Adria being let go is a thorny issue. Firing her for the whole ruckus may be debatable, but Adria also demonstrated concerning behavior that would make holding anyone holding a position in a company questionable in the eyes of an employer.


4 thoughts on “Who Was Adria Richards?

  1. The Fatster

    Getting fired for being a massive cunt that hates white people is hardly debate worthy, especially when you work in a PUBLIC RELATIONS job for that company.

    Why did they even apologize to her?

  2. ScareCrow

    Thank you for posting this information.

    Apparently, there are two “Mr. Hanks”, I do not know the other’s nic on y-combinator, but the other one posted an apology for his conduct.

    Hard to get facts in this case…

  3. D. Ongle

    Any CEO/HR Manager that is considering hiring her……just think of the massive shit-storm that she created for her previous employer. They lost millions of dollars in accounts and business thanks to her making trouble where there should not be any trouble in the first place.

    Had she been apologetic, had she reached out to the two guys whom she got fired, had she shown ANY signs of remorse…..that’s understandable. But the fact of the matter is that she didn’t show any signs of remorse. In fact, she showed the exact opposite. Malice, smugness, and contempt for anyone and anything involved in the situation that she created. She then had the balls compare herself to Joan of Arc, a religious holy figure.

    Adria Richards is a racist and a liability to any corporation/company that hires her.

    And let’s be honest here…..do you want a bunch of angry script-kiddies from 4chan DDOS’ing your company website? These “anonymoose” or whatever they call themselves…..they do not forgive and they do not forget.

    Word around the internet campfire is that they are waiting for her to get hired with a new company….then they will start the shit storm all over again for teh lulz.

  4. Juan Pablo Gonzalez

    You are missing the post where she says she’s a “hacker” and a “techie”. All she did was type an IP on a web browser. Look at her smug expressions. She really thinks she’s amazingly talented. It’s actually painful to watch.


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